NEW: Laiki Rice Crackers

Laiki Rice Crackers were born from our collective frustration: “Why do gluten-free crackers have to be popped, puffed, or taste like cardboard?” We wanted a worry-free snack made from simple ingredients that was full of flavor and packed a satisfying crunch. So we created Laiki Rice Crackers!

The secret to Laiki’s taste is black and red rice from Thailand. Black and red rices pack more nutrients and flavor than white or brown rice. By keeping the ingredients to a minimum, all the flavor you get in every crunchy bite comes from the wholegrain rice itself. 

  • 3.53 ounce (100g) resealable bag
  • Gluten free, allergen-friendly (free from FDA top 8 allergens), Kosher certified (COR)
  • 100 percent wholegrain, made from premium black rice
  • Deliciously light and airy crunch
  • Perfect for snacking by themselves or for pairing with dips, soups and salad
LAIKI-01 Black Rice Crackers 8/3.5oz
LAIKI-02 Red Rice Crakcers 8/3.5oz


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