New: Tcho Dark Chocolate Orange + Toffee

Dark Chocolate Orange + Toffee features dense, rich, organic and fair trade dark chocolate combined with juicy bits of real orange and crunchy pieces of toffee. To balance the sweetness, we bump up the cacao to 68% for a dark chocolate tang. 


TCHO-11A Dark Orange + Toffee  12/70gr


Other Available Flavors:

TCHO-01 Tcho Dark Chocolate -Extra Dark 81% Cacao 12/70g
TCHO-02 Tcho Dark Chocolate-  Chocolately 70% Cacao 12/70g
TCHO-03 Tcho Dark Chocolate – Nutty 65% Cacao 12/70g
TCHO-04 Tcho Milk Chocolate- Cacao 53% Cacao 12/70g
TCHO-05 Tcho Milk Chocolate- Classic 39% Cacao 12/70g
TCHO-06 Tcho Milk Choc.Mokaccino 43% + Blue Bottle Coffee  12/70g
TCHO-07 Tcho Org. Dark Chocolate- Mint Chip Chocolate 12/70g
TCHO-08 Tcho Org. Dark Chocolate- Almond + Sea Salt  12/70g
TCHO-09 Tcho Org. Dark Chocolate- Coconut Crisp 12/70g
TCHO-10 Tcho Org. Milk Chocolate- Toffee + Sea Salt 12/70g
TCHO-11 Tcho Org. Milk Chocolate- Hazelnut Chunk 12/70g
TCHO-11A Tcho Dark Orange + Toffee  12/70g
TCHO-15 Tcho Pop Tub-Pure Notes Drk. Asstd. Bright, Fruity, Nutty, Chocolatey 120/8g
TCHO-15A Tcho Pop Tub- Mokaccino +Blue Bottle 100x8g
TCHO-28 Tcho Resalable  Snack Bags – Mokaccino Bites  12/5oz
TCHO-29 Tcho Resalable  Snack Bags – Almond Sea Salt  12/5oz

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