About Us


We are pleased to introduce to you The Good Stuff Distributor, Inc. as one of the leading distributors in the food industry in Northern California. We pride ourselves in the quality of our merchandise and our dependable service.

We carry over 1,000 selections of chief brand names produced nationwide and internationally, including Mediterranean and natural organic foods — Silk, Dave’s GT Kombucha, Twining Tea, Pro Bar, Clif Bar, Lara Bar, Ritter Sport, Lindt, Kettle Foods, etc. – and mainly distribute to restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, delicatessens, grocery stores, convenient stores, health food stores and other varieties of food services.

Your satisfaction is our primary goal; we see to it that our customers receive the lowest possible price and the finest quality product. Season after season, we customarily offer special promotions to unlock more opportunities for our customers. In choosing the best premium products and with our everyday low prices, we stand very competitively among other companies in the industry today. Furthermore, our fast and efficient service provides convenience and better service to our customers.

Be sure to view our wide variety of product selections. Please review it and let us know as soon as possible if we can be of any assistance to you and your business. Meanwhile, we will be following up with you and hopefully you may be able to stop by and visit our warehouse to see our variety of products.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!


Nabil Chehade
The Good Stuff Distributor, Inc.